The College of Engineering was established on 13/6/2006 under the cooperation of the late president of Wasit University Prof. Dr. Jabbar Yasser Al-Mayahi and other academic staff Prof.Dr. Mansour Sukkar Farhan, Asst Prof.Dr. Ali Abd Al-Reda, Assit Prof .Dr. Abbas Jassim Jubeir and Prof. Dr. Ali Nasser Hilo who represent the first nuclei of the establishment team. I was established with the objective of providing quality technical education.  About half of the academic staff have obtained their PhD or MSc from highly standard Universities in UK, USA, Malaysia, Russia and other countries. The CoE has four undergraduate (mechanical, civil, electrical and Architectural departments). In addition, it provides a postgraduate program for water and environment MSc, Power generation MSc and Air conditioning MSc. The academic expansion plan aims to open new Power generation PhD, Applied mechanics MSc and Civil Structure MSc, and Urban planning MSc programs.  The CoE campus includes several new and modern buildings, workshop unit, sport pitch and several well equipped meeting halls.