The vision, mission and goals of the college

Prof.Dr.Ali Nasser Hilo Dean of the College of Engineering

It is the main goal of the college of engineering to prepare the students to be leaders in the industry and almost engineering fields.  And preparing the researchers to be efficient leaders in the development movement of knowledge and keep communications with all over the developed universities. The college of engineering has made a huge efforts towards these goals by  offering free training for graduates and opening the opportunities for the staff to broaden and develop  their experiences.

College vision

In the coming years, the College of Engineering seeks to gain the community’s confidence in their graduates and to obtain a distinguished position among the accredited Iraqi, Arab and regional engineering colleges by providing a distinct environment for education, learning, scientific research, and university and community service.

College message

The mission of the College of Engineering is to prepare engineers capable of creativity and innovation through conducting various academic programs aimed at imparting skills for research, exploration and development in engineering disciplines and providing engineering services and consultancy through the activities and performance of its departments and units.

The goals of the college

  • Preparing scientific cadres specialized in engineering fields by providing distinguished education in line with contemporary university engineering education, leading to the acquisition and mastery of the necessary engineering knowledge assets.
  • Combining theoretical knowledge, applied science and field training in order to qualify graduates with engineering and technical skills and to develop their capabilities for creative analytical thinking to be elements of scientific development and progress in engineering fields.
  • Cooperating with governmental bodies and institutions and production companies in Wasit Governorate or at the level of other governorates in training workers in the engineering sector and providing technical services to address engineering problems in various projects and sectors.
  • Active participation in research activity and the creation of modern scientific centers to conduct and publish scientific and applied research in engineering fields and direct them to community service and development plans.
  • Organizing conferences, seminars and scientific seminars with the aim of increasing scientific contact between academics and professionals, exchanging views between participants, and raising the scientific and technical level in engineering specializations for engineers, through continuous education programs.