College of Engineering Timeline

College of Engineering founded

COE was  established on 2006 and on September at the same year the COE welcomed the first 50 students and divide them into 25 student for mechanical engineering and 25 students for civil department.

A new campus is on the way

Due to the increase of enrolled students to the college of engineering, the need for a new and large college campus becomes vital. On 2007, the construction works on the campus is started in the new new location in the city center.

Moving to the new campus






The new campus is completed and opened in 2010. The new campus has 25  lecture room, engineering drawing halls, labs rooms and a large central fountain.  Two car parks are also being reconstructed and paved. The building has also two large meeting rooms which equipped with modern electronic and smart screen.

Architecture Department founded






On 2014, the Architecture department was founded. The aims is to engage in Architectural Engineering profession in public and private sectors including, but not limited to, relevant governmental sectors, consulting firms, contracting companies, marketing and real estate investments.

Opening MSc of Water and environment engineering
Opening MSc of Water and environment engineering

The Civil department has opened the MSc of Water and environment. This study focuses on investigating the problems related to the water pollution,  water treatment, water resources.


The CoE held the second international conference of advances in sustainable engineering and its applications (ICASEA2018). 

Opening RDP Unit

This building has a modern theme and has several quite rooms as well as a central hall for holding Research Development Program

A mini golf yard founded

A mini 9 holes golf pudding is added to the sport infrastructure. This belongs with the 5 a side football pitch can provide the chance to the students to suppress the mental study stresses.


The CoE will hold the international conference  ICASEA2021 on the 13&14/10/2021.