Researcher development program

1. Introduction

There is no doubt that every successful academic institution must have strategic plans to manage its administrative and educational joints, supported by the feedback mechanism. This is because feedback is considered a fundamental issue in development, as it contributes effectively to diagnosing defects and problems, leading to finding effective solutions to them while constantly monitoring those solutions in order to maintain continuous development and perpetuate the benefit. The government program to open study channels outside Iraq, including scholarships, fellowships and study permits, has contributed greatly to openness to the developed countries of the world, which will be reflected over time on the reality of education in Iraq. From here and under the umbrella of a sense of responsibility before God Almighty and the performance of religion in the neck of scholarship students towards the people of this country, this study was prepared in an effort to revitalize graduate students and junior researchers and increase their skills. This study was prepared after reviewing the development curricula at Strathclyde University, Liverpool John Mores University and Glasgow University and choosing what is appropriate for what can be applied in the Iraqi university environment.

2. The importance of the program

The importance of interacting with the program is not limited to developing the skills of graduate students during the completion of theses and theses research, but these skills can be a reason for increasing access to / or promotion in the field of employment. A simple example can be cited from the reality where a number of graduate students explained during their application for a job opportunity in an oil company that having skills (English language – dealing with computers – interacting during the interview and so on) was an important focus for competition in addition to academic degrees. This is the case for postgraduate students who want to obtain a fellowship, or a meeting is held for them via Skype or otherwise, or who want to write a CV. We believe that this program, with its immediate and future plans, can be a good help for them.

3. Objectives of the RDP Program

The program aims mainly to two main purposes. The first purpose includes the establishment of general workshops which each graduate student needs regardless of his specialization, while the second purpose includes the establishment of specialized workshops, for example that the research methodology in the field of biology or medicine is not the same as in engineering science research.

4. In this version

25 workshops have been proposed, with a total of 55 hours (units), located in five main axes:

Presentation skills.

Time management skills.

Academic writing skills.

Publication skills.

Data analysis skills.

Communication skills.

And it is required that the student accumulate at least 20 hours (unit).