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Dr Ali Nasser Hilo is a professor in the Civil Engineering department and the dean of the college of Engineering in Wasit University. His BSc in Civil Engineering was awarded from Basra University in 1987. Then he received his master degree in Civil Engineering / Water resources from Basra University in 1993. His PhD was awarded from University of Technology in Civil Engineering / Water Resources in 2000. His research focuses on Hydraulic structures and water resources.

  • Engineering Mechanics.
  • Materials Technology.
  • Hydraulic Structures I and II.
  • Advanced Open channels hydraulics (PG).
  • Advanced Hydraulic Structures (PG)/
  • Hydraulic Structures.
  • Water resources. 

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Asad H. Aldefae has a Ph.D. degree in civil engineering/geotechnical engineering from the University of Dundee/Scotland/UK at the end of 2013. He is interested in earthquake engineering, environmental engineering, riverbank stability, physical and numerical modeling, geotechnical centrifuge, and seismic performance of soil–structure interaction and slope stability analysis.

More than 25 papers were published in high-ranking journals by Dr Aldefae like Géotechnique, Soil Dynamic and Earthquake Engineering, Geotechnical and Geoenvironment Engineering, and ASCE as well as in many international conferences like a series of international conferences of physical modeling in geotechnic (ICPMG) in Perth, Australia (2014) and London, UK (2018) and Greece.

  • soil Mechanics(UG).
  • Sediments transports (PG).
  • Research methods and methodology (PG)

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Dr. Jareer Jaber Mohammed is a lecturer in Civil Engineering Department in Wasit University. His Bsc degree was from College of Engineering, Baghdad University, IQ in 2004. Two years later, in the same university, he finished his Msc degree in surveying engineering where it was focused on outliers detection techniques in geodesy and photogrammetry observations under assistant professor Bashar Alsadiq supervision. In October 2013, he started his PhD study and focused on the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in the University of Nottingham under Professor Terry Moore and Chris Hill supervision. During this period, he suggested a novel method about how to deal with the tropospheric delay from the GNSS observations that could reach to millimetres accuracy. He earned his PhD in Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy from the University of Nottingham in 2017 where his examiners were the professors: Felix Norman Teferle and Richard M. Bingley.

Jareer’s current research interests are focussed on the development of the techniques for predicting the tropospheric and ionospheric delays from meteorology and GNSS data.

Engineering Surveying

Surveying Engineering, GPS, GNSS, Precise Point Positioning, Tropospheric Delay, Orbit Determination, Machine Learning.

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Mr.Murtdha H. Al Quraishi

Murtdha H. Al Quraishi is an assistant Lecturer in Civil Engineering Department in Wasit University. His Bsc degree was from College of Engineering, Wasit University,IQ  in 2012. He earned his master degree in Civil Engineering / Geotechnical Engineering from California State University, Fulleron , US in 2017.

  •  Building Materials
  •  Soil Mechanics lab

Soil Improvement

Ayoob is an assistant lecturer at civil engineering department/ Wasit university. He has a B.Sc. degree in civil engineering, 2011, and M.Sc. in water resources engineering, 2019, both from Wasit university.

  • Fluid mechanics lab.
  • Water engineering lab.
  • Waste water treatment lab.
  • Graduating project.
  • Hydraulic structures.

This is a short summary in which I teach several classes in which fluid mechanics class, English class for third stage, sanitary lad, environmental lab, water engineering labs and fluid mechanics lab.

The author’ activities are to work on nanotechnologies technique. The papers have been published depends on nanoparticles in which investigating the properties of natural organic matter affect the impact of nanoparticles on plants, the dispersion of nanoparticles and their effect on plants and other researches paper regarding to nanoparticles area. The author also is interested in water treatment using different coagulants either natural or synthetic coagulants used in water treatment.  She is very interested in GIS technique by doing spatial analysis of forest biomass in some state located in different areas and GPS X modeling for wastewater treatment design.

  • Water resources.
  • Environmental engineering.
  • Hydraulic structures.

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