Engineering Data Analysis Applications Research Group

This group aims to do research on the basis of using machine learning and data analytics in engineering applications. There are several projects which are induced from this research group. However, the most active and up to date research project is the

  • Modeling of drought and water demand.
  • Modelling of drought and water
  • Asst.Prof.Dr.Salah L.Zubaidi (Project leader -Wasit University-Iraq). 
  • Asst.Prof.Dr.Hussein R.Sabah (Wasit University-Iraq).
  • Prof.Dr.NAdhir Al Ansari (Lelua University- Sweden)
  • Asst.Prof.Dr.Nabeel S.Saad (Wasit University-Iraq)
  • Dr.Sandra Ortega (Liverpool John Moores-UK)

Belo are sample of publications that were made by the group members. For further information about other publications please visit this link

  1. Assessing the Benefits of Nature-Inspired Algorithms for the Parameterization of ANN in the Prediction of Water Demand
    SL Zubaidi, NSS Al-Bdairi, S Ortega-Martorell, HM Ridha, N Al-Ansari, …
    Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 149 (1), 04022075.
  2. A CPSOCGSA-tuned neural processor for forecasting river water salinity: Euphrates river, Iraq
    ZS Khudhair, SL Zubaidi, H Al-Bugharbee, N Al-Ansari, HM Ridha
    Cogent Engineering 9 (1), 2150121
  3. Application of hybrid machine learning models and data pre-processing to predict water level of watersheds: Recent trends and future perspective
    SJ Mohammed, SL Zubaidi, S Ortega-Martorell, N Al-Ansari, S Ethaib, …
    Cogent Engineering 9 (1), 2143051.
  4. Evaluation water scarcity based on GIS estimation and climate-change effects: A case study of Thi-Qar Governorate, Iraq
    S Ethaib, SL Zubaidi, N Al-Ansari
    Cogent Engineering 9 (1), 2075301.
  5. Hybrid Technique to Improve the River Water Level Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network-Based Marine Predators Algorithm
    SJ Mohammed, SL Zubaidi, N Al-Ansari, HM Ridha, NSS Al-Bdairi
    Advances in Civil Engineering 2022.
  6. Applicability of ANN Model and CPSOCGSA Algorithm for Multi-Time Step Ahead River Streamflow Forecasting
    B Abdul Kareem, SL Zubaidi, HM Ridha, N Al-Ansari, NSS Al-Bdairi
    Hydrology 9 (10), 171.
  7. Tuning ANN Hyperparameters by CPSOCGSA, MPA, and SMA for Short-Term SPI Drought Forecasting
    MA Alawsi, SL Zubaidi, N Al-Ansari, H Al-Bugharbee, HM Ridha
    Atmosphere 13 (9), 1436.
  8. A review of hybrid soft computing and data pre-processing techniques to forecast freshwater quality’s parameters: current trends and future directions
    ZS Khudhair, SL Zubaidi, S Ortega-Martorell, N Al-Ansari, S Ethaib, …
    Environments 9 (7), 85.
  9. Drought forecasting: a review and assessment of the hybrid techniques and data pre-processing
    MA Alawsi, SL Zubaidi, NSS Al-Bdairi, N Al-Ansari, K Hashim
    Hydrology 9 (7), 115