Research Group of Composite Materials

The main aims of this research groups are focussing on the toughening of polymer composites by using hybridisation and fibre architecture, aiming to gain a sound scientific understanding of their influence on the damage tolerance of composite laminates, whilst also creating advanced polymer composites with controllable morphologies and properties for a variety of applications including healthcare, energy and general engineering.  To achieve these aims, his research takes a holistic approach, such as yarns-level hybridisation, weaving different types of fabrics (i.e. 2D and 3D) functionalisation by using qausi- and dynamics testing, manufacturing processing, characterisation damage failures occurred from testing by using optical microscopy and SEM investigation. This research group try to cover the following topics:

  • Prof.Dr. Hussein K. Dalfi is a lecturer of material engineering at Mechanical Department /College of Engineering/ University of Wasit/Iraq. He obtained his PhD from School of Material, University of Manchester in 2018. Prior to joining Wasit University in 2006, he finished his BSc and MSc studying in Material Engineering from Babylon University in 1998 and 2002 respectively from Iraq.
  • Prof. Dr. Anwer J Al-Obaidi is a lecturer in the engineering college – mechanical engineering department at the Wasit University – Iraq, where he has been a college member since 2010. Al-Obaidi completed his PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Sheffield (UK) – 2018. He obtained his BSc and MSc studies from the Al-Nahrain University – Iraq in 2005, and 2009, respectively. Al-Obaidi is an Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (HEA) in the UK.
  • Prof. Dr.Hussein R. ِAl-Bugharbee is a lecturer in the mechanical engineering department, College of Engineering, Wasit University. He obtained his BSc and MSc in Applied mechanics from the University of Baghdad in 2002 and 2006, respectively. In the 2016, he obtained his PhD in the mechanical and aerospace engineering from Strathclyde University in the UK. His research involves the stress analysis, vibration analysis and fault diagnosis.

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2- Hussein K Dalfi, Anwer Al-Obaidi, Erdem Selver, Zeshan Yousaf, Prasad Potluri ‘’ Influence of yarn-hybridisation on the mechanical performance and thermal conductivity of composite laminates’’, Journal of Industrial Textiles,  May 21, 2022.