Architectural Engineering Department

Asst.Prof.Dr.Hussam S. Owaid

The Department of Architecture at Wasit University was established in 2015, and the department awards a bachelor’s degree in architecture engineering after passing (200) credit hours. The department is currently looking forward to obtaining international accreditation to achieve a higher degree of quality in accordance with international standards in addition to local accreditation. The department aims to prepare distinguished engineers who are able to keep pace with engineering and scientific developments and compete in the Employment.

The study in the department focuses on solving problems that the local urban environment suffers from in a way that ensures positive solutions that contribute to enhancing the urban reality, as well as bridging the great shortage in the quality of engineers with experience and specialization and working to increase their sensitivity to the features and characteristics of the local urban environment. From that, the department was keen to enhance this approach by completing the study by opening research and study in the urban design branch, which represents an important qualitative leap for the governorate.

The Department of Architecture at Wasit University seeks to be a leader in Iraq and the region in teaching architecture and providing innovative solutions to solve Architecture and urban problems facing the local community, within an integrated methodology that achieves a balance between human, community needs and environment.


Architectural department works in the university to prepare distinctive students able to take the responsibility, project management into Architectural Projects, and to be Experts, Specialists in the fields that Related building design, and urban design.

  1. Preparing architects who can work efficiently in the public and private sectors, including consulting companies, contracting companies and real estate investments.
  2. Developing the capabilities of graduates to ensure efficient work in accordance with the modern developments of the profession.
  3. Rehabilitation of engineering staff with the ability to improve the urban reality at the level of the governorate and neighboring areas.

The department  has 27 academic members with different academic background. For further details on the department academic staff CLICK HERE

For 2021, the number of students are 111 for first class, 53 for the second class,  41 for third class, and 63 for fourth class.

Final Year Projects 2020-2021


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