Civil Engineering Department

Asst.Prof.Dr.Taar S.Salman

Head of the Civil Engineering Department

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2006, coinciding with establishing the College of Engineering at the University of Wasit. The duration of study is four years to grant a Bachelor’s degree. The first course graduated from the students in 2010. The department currently includes (26) teaching staff, of whom (3) hold the title of professor, (5) hold the title of assistant professor, (12) hold the title of teacher, and (6) hold the title of assistant teacher. It also includes (9) engineers, administrative and technical employees, (1265) male and female students in elementary studies, and (16) male and female students in postgraduate studies.

That the department occupies advanced ranks among the internationally distinguished civil engineering departments through the quality of its graduates and the research carried out in a manner that meets the renewed requirements of society coupled with the rapid technological developments.

The Department of Civil Engineering seeks to fulfill the Iraqi community’s needs and the region from civil engineers by providing high-quality education, scientific research, and community service.

1- Enabling graduate students to become efficient engineers having comprehensive knowledge about civil engineering.

2- Enabling the graduate students to have the ability to apply the methods of design and management and work in construction projects of civil engineering.

3- Enabling the graduate students to have the ability to acquire the skills of communication and teamwork in projects of multiple fields.

4- Enabling the graduate students to have the ability to acquire the skills of learning to develop professional performance, creative work, and planning based on the ethics of society and workplace.

5- Keeping up to date with the latest developments in civil engineering throughout the periodical revaluation of the study plans and the curriculum proposed.

6- Conducting scientific research and studies to increase knowledge and applications and provide innovative solutions to local and regional problems in particular.

7- Establishing strong relationships with local, regional, and international companies and institutions to enhance and support scientific research and educational activity at the university.

The department  has 27 academic members with different academic background. For further details on the department academic staff CLICK HERE

For 2021, the number of students are 134for first class, 84 for the second class,  50for third class, and 41 for fourth class.

Final Year Projects 2016-2017

Final Year Project 2017-2018

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Final Year Project 2019-2020

Fina Year Project 2020-2021


Due to the pandemic of COVID19, the civil engineering department doubles their efforts for providing the video lectures to their students and all other students who knows Arabic. These video lectures are arranged according to the classes they belong to. Please follow the link in below.