Electrical Engineering Department

Dr.Manaf KAdhum Hussein

The Electrical Engineering Department was established in 2012. The Department is aimed to prepare qualified electrical engineers with theoretical and practical backgrounds to practice their specialties and contribute to the implementation of the development plan. The Department of Electrical Engineering offers an undergraduate degree, namely Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. In addition to a master’s degree in electrical engineering sciences. The B.Sc. program is a four-year on-campus offered during the daytime every day except Friday and Saturday, and with a traditional lecture/laboratory course style. The M.Sc. Program is two academic years.  The department also contains talented teaching staff, engineers, technical and administrative personnel. The department contains ten laboratories in various engineering specialties to meet the needs of all academic levels.

Adopting open minds to teach, encourage and learn novel ideas.

      To prepare Electrical Engineering students for successful careers via providing them with transferable skills, helping them gain experience and developing their sense of curiosity and critical thinking.

The graduates of B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (EE) program will:

  1. Engage in Electrical Engineering profession in public and private sectors including, but not limited to, relevant governmental sectors, consulting firms, contracting companies, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
  2. Participate in ongoing professional development activities by pursuing graduate studies and/or other learning opportunities to respond to arising challenges.
  3. Advance their careers by taking responsibility and leadership.

The department  has 27 academic members with different academic background. For further details on the department academic staff CLICK HERE

For 2021, the number of students are 111 for first class, 53 for the second class,  41 for third class, and 63 for fourth class.


Due to the pandemic of COVID19, the civil engineering department doubles their efforts for providing the video lectures to their students and all other students who knows Arabic. These video lectures are arranged according to the classes they belong to. Please follow the link in below.


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